Purchasing Information

If you're interested in purchasing a painting please contact me at samtrainaart@bellsouth.net


1st Place Georgia Bloom 2009
2nd Place Covington Artfest 2009
3rd Place Madison Plein Air 2009
Merit Award Georgia Bloom 2010
Marietta Plein Air Finalist 2010
Honorable Mention Monroe County Artfest Aug
ust 2011
Best Of Show Madison Plein Air 2011
Honorable Mention Georgia Bloom 2011
1st Place Conyers Ga. Annual Plein Air 2011
2nd Place Smith Gilbert Gardens Plein Air 2011

Finalist St. Simons 2012 Plein Air
Merit Award 5th Annual Local's Show Greensboro, Ga.
Best Of Show Covington Artful Harvest 2014
Honorable Mention Artful Harvest 2015
3rd place Oct 2016 "Haunted" Stone Mountain, Ga.
Bold Brush Top 15% November 2017
3rd Place FARM Exhibit 2017

Workshop Materials List

   SamTraina Plein Air Workshop April 21-22, 2017 Materials List

Please do not play music at the workshop
Odorless-Gamblin’s Gamsol, Weber Turpenoid (blue/white container)
Drying Linseed Oil, Liquin, Stand Oil
Paints: Shown in order as to how they appear on my palette
Titanium white-Lemon Yellow-Cad Yellow-Yellow Ochre-Burnt Umber-Alizarin Crimson-Cadmium Medium Red-Diogenese Purple-Ultramarine Blue-Permanent Green Light- Viridian- -Torrid Grey (it’s free) I don't always use them all !
Bring your own plein air type easel or your usual table top easel if you just want to sit at outdoor table and paint. Make sure you have the type that can raise or lower your painting.
Canvas/Primed Panels and Drawing Pad:
12x16 maximum but preferably 8x10’s and 9x12
Brushes: Everyone has an array of brushes. Bring them all to the workshop
so we can look them over to see which you should use.  I generally only use 4 in a painting. However, there are times when I need to reach for a special brush for a special effect I want to create. Also good to have 2 of your primary brushes so you don’t have to clean it so often. Example; a # 8 flat for sky work only and one for ground work only.

For the purposes of the workshop, here’s a basic list of brushes. I use a combination of bristle and synthetic. As you proceed in painting you’ll try many different brushes and brands. Often the most expensive are not the best. What I list below are some I use. There are many options and you go for others if you like. Please have app. two sharp edged brushed-one small and one medium.

Hog Bristle Flats  4,6,8,10  Masters Touch or comparable-not very expensive and 50% off at Hobby Lobby quite often. Check their weekly ad.
Synthetics - Flats  4,6,8  Princeton Summit 6100 or Rosemary 236 Flat Golden Nylon ¼”, ½”
Rounds-#2,4  Masters Touch # 3050 or Walmart multipack of rounds  
Chisel Blender-Master’s Touch # 4,6

Any type palette is fine but let’s avoid paper palettes and aluminum foil.

Other items:Paper towels, trash bags, small mixing cups, 2 cups for your Gamsol brush cleaner, bug spray, sun screen, hat, rag or two.

If in doubt just bring what you have-I have a variety of items I can help out with.